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BRAVO Teacher Innovation Grants are available to Clarendon County schools who plan to implement an innovative project, initiative, teaching strategy, technology application or other effort providing measurable educational outcomes for students. The purpose of this grant program is to enhance student learning and student interest in learning by providing teachers with an opportunity to exercise their passion for teaching, develop their ideas, partner with colleagues and connect with the wealth of knowledge, expertise and talent within your school, district, and the community.


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BRAVO Service-learning Grants are available to Clarendon County teachers to implement high-quality service-learning projects. Service-learning is a teaching strategy that connects classroom curriculum with service projects that engage students socially, civically and academically. A high-quality service-learning experience combines meaningful service with in-depth learning. Service-learning begins with classroom content and moves into the community through the planning and implementation of a service-project.

NOTE: These teacher grants are to be used as a supplement to – not a replacement of - standard budgetary allowances provided to teachers for everyday supplies and materials. If there is something you need for your classroom that you believe will enhance your ability to meet students’ educational needs, but the school budget will not cover it, grant monies may be used to alleviate the need to pay out-of-pocket for expenses related to implementation of instructional initiatives as described in your grant applications. 

If you are interested in receiving a grant before the start of the upcoming school year, please complete an application and submit it NO LATER than May 31st of the current school year. Once all applications are received and reviewed by our Board of Directors, you will be notified via email by July 15th if your application has been approved, along with the date the money will be awarded. The number of applications approved will be based upon monies available at that particular time, the order by which applications were received, and the quality of each submission.  

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