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The purpose of the grant program is to enhance student learning and interest in learning by providing teachers an opportunity to exercise their passion for teaching, develop their ideas, partner with colleagues and connect with the wealth of knowledge, expertise, and talent within the school and community. 

NOTE: These teacher grants are to be used as a supplement to – not a replacement of - standard budgetary allowances provided to teachers for everyday supplies and materials. If there is something you need for your classroom that you believe will enhance your ability to meet students’ educational needs, but the school budget will not cover it, grant monies may be used to alleviate the need to pay out-of-pocket for expenses related to implementation of instructional initiatives as described in grant applications.

2024-2025 Teacher Grant Application Guidelines

1. Applicants must be employed by a public or private school in Clarendon County.

2. If applying for a project/initiative involving more than one person, a single designee should complete the application and make note in their                        description of the project how many other teachers will be involved.                

3. Grants are awarded based on the availability of funds each year. Bravo reserves the right to approve selected portions of the grant if for any reason  the        grant cannot be honored in full.

4. When reviewing grant applications, the selection committee gives strong consideration to the number of students the project will benefit,  how it

     fulfills the mission of BRAVO, and the quality of content therein. 

5. Funds will be issued by check in one lump sum as determined in alignment with district and/or school policy.  Each recipient awarded will be able to         access their funds based on established policy.

6. Funds must be spent within the school year that the grant is awarded. Any funds that cannot be used specifically for the approved project by the end of

     the year must be returned to the foundation. 

7. By providing the name and email of your Building Principal/Director, it is BRAVO's understanding that he/she is aware of and has approved the grant       application.  If your project/initiative requires the purchase of any software/hardware, you must also obtain district/school technology supervisor                 approval for request PRIOR to submission of application, and by providing said person's name and email on the application form, BRAVO

     understands you have complied with this guideline.               

8. All grant materials purchased with BRAVO grant funds are property of the district/school where applicant works and must stay with the level of                  students targeted in the original intent of the grant.


Type of Grant You Are Requesting
Does your project/initiative involve the purchase of any technology software &/or hardware?

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

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